Our Approach

Video and Telephone services are now available!

Health psychology focuses on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems in people of all ages with physical health problems. Psychologists are also involved in designing and implementing public health promotion programs aimed at minimising the onset or worsening of health conditions.

We provide an evidence based health program that focuses on overweight, obesity, prediabetes and diabetes issues. We also provide counselling for a range of reasons, using a cognitive behavioural approach (see Services section).

Evidence Based and Individually Tailored Program

The Small Steps Matter Program has been developed to help people with obesity and/or type 2 diabetes (including prediabetes) and is based on the latest evidence gathered through clinical research trials around the world. That means that you do not have to sort through all the contradictory information that you come across in the media.

A psychologist will work with you to tailor the program specifically for your circumstances and to come up with realistic and achievable goals and strategies. A range of evidence-based approaches are used including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which covers psychoeducation (with motivational interviewing), behaviour modification and activity scheduling (with goal setting and incentives), skills training e.g. dealing with cravings and comfort eating as well as relaxation strategies e.g. progressive muscle relaxation and controlled breathing.

How it works

In the first appointment you will be asked to sign a standard consent form. You will then provide some background information including what it is that you are trying to achieve. An overview of the 6 to 10 session Small Steps Matter Program will be provided and realistic goals and strategies will be discussed and agreed upon.

Prior to your appointment, for Medicare rebate eligibility, please ensure you have the required document. This is your referral from a GP who has completed a GP Mental Health Plan.

Book an appointment

Video and Telephone consultations are now available. You can book an appointment by sending an email to info@smallstepsmatter.com.au, using the contact form on our website or ringing 0416 072 557.

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